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Welcome to the Penn Yan Flying Club

Safe and Affordable Aircraft, Flight Training and more!

The Penn Yan Flying Club located in Penn Yan, New York in the northwest corner of the Penn Yan Airport in Yates County, has been in continuous operation since 1939. We serve our local community and Canandaigua by providing both aircraft AND flight training to prospective, current and future pilots. Anyone can apply to join the club!

We provide safe and inexpensive flying to our members in aircraft ranging from the J-3 Cub to a Piper Archer [view more]. All aircraft are subject to 100 Hour inspections and/or annual inspections. Safe flying is our priority!

Our Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI's) provide checkout and training for Cessna and Piper aircraft. Instructors in club aircraft must, in addition to having PYFC approval, be active members and employees of PYFC.

Every Journey Starts with a First Step

Don't wait! Earn your private pilot certificate or your instrument or commercial rating by contacting us today or make arrangements to tour our club. Thinking about becoming a pilot? Become a Provisional Member and see if flying is right for you. Learn about training costs and what it takes to earn your Private Pilot Certificate. Enjoy affordable flying versus ownership, social events and you learn about the experiences of other pilots...priceless!

Current Member Fuel Price: $4.87

Penn Yan Flying Club Going Strong After 75 Years!

UP, UP & AWAY: Penn Yan Flying Club marks 75th year History of the Club

In the summer of 1939 Lou Gehrig played his last game for the Yankees and declared himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. That fall the Nazi Blitzkrieg overran Poland. Gone with the Wind beat The Wizard of Oz for best film of the year, and 22 people living in upstate New York founded...


Why Join Us? We make it worth the trip!

Freedom from the Hobbs-meter SAVES you money.

The hourly rates for our aircraft include fuel (wet) and oil, and best of all they are billed as tach time instead of hobbs time. In most planes, the hobbes clock is started and stopped based on an oil pressure switch, so it starts when the engine starts, and stops when the engine is shut-down. While it's running, it just ticks off a tenth of an hour every 6 minutes, based on "regular wall clock time". So a tenth of idling on the ramp is the same as a tenth at cruise. So you pay a lot to go nowhere!

No Hassle with Daily Minimums

If you've ever refrained from taking a week-long flying trip because you wouldn't be able to cover the rental hour minimums during that week at another establishment, the Penn Yan Flying Club is for you! We have no daily minimums, so go ahead and take that week-long trip!

Convenient Scheduling and Billing

Our airplanes are based on the northwest side of the Penn Yan Airport. You can schedule airplanes 24 hours a day on our convenient, password-protected reservation web site. When you come to the airport to fly, there's no need to bring your checkbook --- we'll send you a bill every month and charge your credit card directly. And when you buy fuel or oil at another airport, just send in the receipt with your monthly payment and we'll credit your account at our current re-imbursement price.


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Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of the Month. General Membership Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of the Month.


Become a Member

Download our "Frequently Asked Questions" handout for answers to popular questions.

Hangar Space (Full)

We have hangar space for 0 more planes.
Our rent is $165 a month plus Supporting Membership ($23.50 per month in CY2017).

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Flight Training Request - Membership Required


Enjoy Affordable Aircraft Rates!


Tail Number / Location



Location: Penn Yan Airport

$52 p/hr wet

Tach Time - Not Hobbs!
$37 / Instructor

Cessna 150 Commuter


Location: Penn Yan Airport

$69 p/hr wet

Tach Time - Not Hobbs!
$37 / Instructor


Location: Penn Yan Airport

$82 p/hr wet

Tach Time - Not Hobbs!
$37 / Instructor

Piper Cherokee - PA-28-180


Location: Canandaigua Airport

$98 p/hr wet

Tach Time - Not Hobbs!
$37 / Instructor

Piper Archer - PA-28-181


Location: Penn Yan Airport

$92 p/hr wet

Tach Time - Not Hobbs!
$37 / Instructor


Certified Flight Instructors Wanted

Contact Information

Phone: (315) 536-9615

Mailing Address

PO Box 429
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Physical Address

2487 Bath Road, CR-17
Penn Yan, NY 14527 - Map

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