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Club Officers

Board of Directors

The Club is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine members elected by the general membership. They are responsible for directing day to day activities as well as setting strategic direction for the Club. We also have a Flight Safety Board, responsible to the Board of Directors, whose charter is to oversee our flight training and flight operations, and assure their safe operation. This Board consists of the instructors and other individuals appointed by the President.

Updated: 9/27/2018

Office Held Officer Name Phone
President James Alexander 315-719-7907 (cell)
Vice President Brian Gruschow 585-750-1581 (cell)
Cash Treasurer Joshua Moore 585-802-9506 (cell)
Member Accounts Tres. Jeff Wainwright 607-542-1600 (cell)
Buildings & Grounds Alan Nichols 607-481-8581 (cell)
Human Resources Matt Clark 585-880-0358 (cell)
Recording Secretary Darlene Palmer 315-536-1164
Maintenance Officer Eric Baxter 315-536-1263
Corresponding Secretary Howard Bozenhard 585-721-9852 (cell)


Flight Safety Board

Updated 10/22/2017

Position Name
Chairman - CFII / SEL / SES / AGI / IGI Dave Bliek
Member at Large Lance McFetridge
Member at Large Paul Middlebrook
Member at Large Howard Bozenhard
CFII / SEL / SES / AGI / IGI  Gordon Young
CFI / SEL James Alexander


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