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Learn to Fly

Earning Your Private Pilot Certificate

So you want to learn to fly. The fact that you are reading this now means you have taken the first step.

Here are 5 key points in successfully obtaining your Private Pilot License.

  1. Each student is unique. Everyone has a different background prior to their first lesson, yet people from all walks of life have become certificated Private Pilots. A key to success is "getting up in the air" as often as possible.
  2. Get organized. Obtain your training syllabus and course manuals early. Your instructor will lay out the training objectives tailored to your needs. Penn Yan Flying Club uses Jeppesen training materials, regarded as some of the best in the industry.
  3. Support. Make sure your family and friends understand the time this will take; emotional, mental, and physical. Join industry organizations like AOPA which will provide a wealth of resources from magazines and online videos to interactive safety courses. You can receive a free six month subscription to AOPA Flight Training Magazine.
  4. Find a flight instructor you "click" with. PYFC has professional flight instructors with a cumulative of over 20,000 flight hours. None of the PYFC CFIs are "time builders", they are all seasoned veterans with a passion for aviation.
  5. Understanding the total cost of flight training. It has been demonstrated that students who are able to fly consistently received their Private Pilot License closer to the FAA minimum of 40 hours.


Training Costs

Lets assume it will take you 50 hours (but plan on more) and you have a choice between a traditional training aircraft like either a Cessna 150 (2-seats), or Cessna 172 (4-seats). For best results, select the plane you can afford and stick with it. Save the plane switching for later after you have earned your pilots license so that you don't waste time getting acquainted with a new aircraft during training.

Note that the costs below INCLUDE your Membership Initiation Fee and 12 months of dues at 2019 rates.

Item Cessna 150 Cessna 172
One Time PYFC Membership Initiation Fee $600 $600
50 flight hours at either $87 or $92 an hour * $4350 $4600
30 flight hours with a Flight Instructor at $37 an hour $1110 $1110

20 ground hours with Instructor at $37 an hour

$740 $740
12 month Flying Club Dues at $49 a month * $588 $588
Books and Course Materials $200 $200
FAA Written Exam $150 $150
FAA Flight Exam (Checkride) $350 $350
Misc. Costs (Medical Exam, Flight Bag, Headset, Logbook etc.) $500 $500
Total Estimated Cost $8588 $8838


Updated: 1/3/019 - Subject to change without notice.


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